IW002 – Nuit Noire (fra) – Lunar Deflagration LP
IW005 – Evil (bra) / Lone Suffer (jpn) – We Bring The Gallows Of Hope LP
IW007 – Circle of Ouroborus (fin) – Cast To The Pits LP
IW010 – Satanael (fin) – st LP
IW025 – Nekros Manteia (aus) – Procella Obscura Appropinquat LP

IW001 – Circle of Ouroborus (fin) – Islands LP
IW003 – Evil (bra) – I Came From The Abyss EP
IW004 – Baal Gadrial (aus) – Awakening a New Era of Darkness LP
IW006 – Vetala – Satanic Morbid Metal LP
IW009 – Harvest (aus) – st Tape
IW013 – Atra (aus) – Death Coven LP
IW012 – Vetala / Desgranges – split Tape
IW015 – Reich Of The Black Sun – March To The Black Sun Tape
IW017 – Baal Gadrial (aus) – Awakening a New Era of Darkness Shirt
IW018 – Vetala – Rotten Shirt
IW019 – Desgranges – Demo I Tape
IW020 – Harvest (aus) – Behold…Death, Death, DEATH Tape
IW021 – Drowning The Light (aus) – Catacombs of Blood ProTape
IW024 – Satanael (fin) – Longsleeve Shirt
IW027 – Drohtnung (aus) – st LP
IW029 – Perverted Blasphemy (aus) – Demo I Tape
IW030 – Perverted Blasphemy (aus) – Demo II Tape
IW031 – Black Magick SS – Symbols of Great Power Tape
IW032 – Crypt Vapor – Panic Night Tape
IW033 – Black Magick SS – Panzerwitch Tape
IW034 – Wolfblood – Banner of Might (Demo II) Tape
IW035 – Grave Entity A Nightmare To Last Eternity
IW036 – Haunted Funeral Demo I
IW037 – Black Magick SS – Hidden in Plane Sight ProTape
IW038 – Black Magick SS – The Black Abyss CD


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