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Black Magick SS return from the abyss with 3 new tracks.

  1. The Black Abyss
  2. Step Into The Night
  3. Crystal Eyes

This CD also contains all previous demo recordings:

4. Hidden in Plain Sight
5. Black Magick Army
6. Wisdom Tree
7. War of the Sorceror
8. Darklord
9. Shall Prevail
10. Panzerwitch
11. Symbols of Great Power
12. The Fire (Burns Forever)
13. In The Circle
14. Gospel

All pre-orders will come with a protape featuring both songs from the limited Owls Of Winter/Talisman lathe. These tapes will be made to order, so there will be no extra copies.

Distro Update: I have managed to acquire some final copies of old material:

Black Magick SS – The Black Abyss CD (+ preorder bonus protape) $15aud
Black Magick SS – Hidden In Plain Sight PRO TAPE $8aud
Black Magick SS – Panzerwitch 7EP + patch $15aud
Black Magick SS – Symbols of Great Power 7EP $10aud


Black Magick SS – Hidden in Plain Sight – ProTape (100 copies)

Black Magick SS – Hidden in Plain Sight – ProTape (100 copies)


Sample –

Black Magick SS return from the abyss with 4 new tracks.

1. Hidden in Plain Sight.
2. Black Magick Army.
Recorded in August 2013. These were the final recordings with the original drummer who passed away later that year.

3. Wisdom Tree
4. War of the Sorcerer
Recorded in March 2013. These dungeon recordings where originally intended for cancelled vinyl split release with Satan’s Satyrs.

Dedicated to he who gave his life for Black Magick! RIP 1979 -2013

Pre-Order available now!



Black Magick SS – Hidden in Plane Sight ProTape
Black Magick SS – Panzerwitch 7EP + patch
For only $20aud + shipping